Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What makes it a perfect LED light

Why people welcome LED light as the most common light fixture in their daily life, let’s find it out. High luminous efficiency: incandescent, halogen light efficiency is 12-24lm / w (lm / W), fluorescent is 50-70lm / w; sodium lamp luminous efficiency is 90-140lm / w, all of which turn large part of the power into heat loss. The LED luminous efficiency can be achieved 50-200lm / w after improved and the light color is good, narrow spectrum, can be sent directly without filtering colored visible light. LED's operating voltage is low: normal LED GU10 LED Bulb operating current is only 10mA,even those of high brightness is just 1A.The LED does not add the "Mercury" and need be inflated in the production process, it has no glass shell, impact resistance, shock resistance, unbreakable, easy to transport, very green, known as the "green energy." You can better control the consists of emission spectrum: enabling well for part or accent lighting in Museum and Exhibition. Such as the LED LED Light Flood light because of wide and bright light can be well applied in museums, stadiums and other large decorative lighting and scene lighting. These attractive features should be the reason why the LED light is the most popular lighting both in house and office using. If you think the price is too high to afford, you are wrong now. Indeed, in the past years, the price of LED light is much higher LED Flashlight than the incandescent light because of the limitation of technology. But now, the LED tech has a great development, now, the price is much lower. anty881209wong 140409 An LED light is a solid-state light that makes use of light producing diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. Solid-state lights have no moving parts and dissipation of energy is not called for around the system to produce stable light. Now, more LED E14 LED Bulb lights are used to offer stable lightings in many daily occasions. If you are looking for the LED bulb for house use, then the GU 10 LED bulb is what you are looking for. LED light bulbs use only 2-17 watts of electricity (1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL). LED bulbs used in fixtures inside the home save electricity, remain cool and save money on replacement costs since LED bulbs last so long. Small LED flashlight bulbs will extend battery life 10 to 15 times longer than with incandescent bulbs. These GU 10 LED bulbs do not cause heat G9 LED Bulb build-up; LEDs produce 3.4 buts’/hour, compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs. Common incandescent bulbs get hot and contribute to heat build-up in a room. LEDs prevent this heat build-up, thereby helping to reduce air conditioning costs in the home.

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  1. I believe that LED lightning reduce the negative effects of conventional bulbs to the environment.